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Avery Reg.Tagging Gun Plus:1K Barbs,500 Mix Price Tag,1 Ex Needl


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Avery Dennison is one of the best and trusted brands out there. Avery Dennison has been making quality products for the garment industry for many years. Works with all size regular barbs.

Uses Standard and SWIFTACH PLUS Fasteners. Fasteners feed smoothly through new SM Special Mechanism. Manufactured for durability and long dependable operation.

Lanyard Clips Securely To the Grip, Keeps Needles Guard Handy.

Modified Pistol-Grip Shapes Has Improved Feel Easier Squeeze.

Package include: 1 gun, 2 needles, 1,000 barbs, and 500 Mix Price Tag

Avery Dennison Regular Tag Gun # 10651.

500 Mix price tag (1.25" X 1.875) Chose any quantity of any color (bundle of 100)

1,000 Assorted barbs

You have a choice of 1", 2", and 3" in any combination, please let us know your choice or we will send you:

250 1" Barbs

250 2" Barbs

500 3" Barbs

Brand New in Box. High Quality and Durable.