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10312 Avery Dennison Fine Price Tag Gun, 5000 3" Black Barbs


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Avery Dennison is one of the best and trusted brands out there. Dennison has been making quality products for the garment industry for many years. Works with all size FINE Barbs.

Are you putting price tag on fine fabric and worry about the hole on the garment? These needles are half the size of regular tagging gun needles minimizing the hole on the garment. The barbs are extra thin and short making the hole practically undetectable.

Package include: 1 FINE gun, 1 needle, and 5000 FINE Black Barbs

Avery Dennison FINE Tag Gun Model # 10312

1 Needle

5,000 3FINE Black Plastic Barbs

Brand New in Box. High Quality and Durable